Occu-pie Bay Ridge! Pie social draws crowd for ample pies, good cause

Occu-pie Bay Ridge! Pie social draws crowd for ample pies, good cause
Baker Rachel Rosen’s cranberry pear pie was a popular dish at the Second Annual Bay Ridge Pie Social, held on Sunday at the Art Room on Third Avenue.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Pie-eyed Ridgites showed up at the Art Room on Third Avenue on Sunday for a gigantic banquet of Thanksgiving treats — and to raise money for a good cause.

A nascent holiday tradition, the Bay Ridge Pie Social is a fundraising event for the Guild for Exceptional Children, a nonprofit that works with developmentally disabled kids.

“Bay Ridge has always been synonymous with a proud volunteer spirit,” said organizer Justin Brannan. “I like to think of the holidays as a time when the whole world starts acting like Bay Ridge.”

Not that we could hear him over the sound of our own masticating.

Local bakers made a plethora of pies for the second annual event — from a sage-scented maple pork belly and potato pie, to a Dodgeville, Wisconsin cheddar-crusted Winesap apple and rosemary pie, to a Greek pumpkin pie made with phyllo dough.

Erin Evenson, the creator of the pork belly pie — a savory and rich treat that helped balance the otherwise sugary treats — also made a candied acorn squash mousse and dulce de leche pie, and said that she spent days working on her treats.

“It’s a serious hobby,” the legal assistant said.

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