Off-duty secret service agent slays dog in Windsor Terrace

An off-duty Secret Service agent fatally shot a Belgian Shepherd, like the one pictured here, in Windsor Terrace on Monday night.

An off-duty Secret Service agent killed a dog in Windsor Terrace on Monday night, shooting the animal after it allegedly charged him.

The special agent with the federal law enforcement agency claims the dog, a Belgian Shepherd, charged him on  Caton Place near E. Eighth Street at 9:45 pm, when the agent pulled out his weapon and slew the pet, according to a spokesman for the US Secret Service, who described the dog as “unrestrained and aggressive.” 

The dog was leashed at the time of the incident, according to the Secret Service rep, but had escaped from its owners at the time of the incident. 

Police backed up the federal agent’s account, releasing a statement that claimed the dog charged him as he rounded the corner, leading the off-duty agent to fire off a single, fatal round. 

Walker Blankinship, who manages the nearby Kensington Stables across the street from the Caton Place shooting, said he was alerted to the incident when he heard a single gunshot, followed by the shouts of the dog’s apparent owner. 

“There were three people on the corner and one guy was cursing loudly,” Blankinship said. “He was saying ‘I can’t f—–g believe you let the gun go off.’” 

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