Oh, no! Burglar got the Oxycodon!

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights

Busy burglars

At least two apartments were raided in Bay Ridge last week. Here’s the rundown:

• Someone broke into a Third Avenue apartment on April 26, taking over $3,250 in jewelry and electronics. Police said that the perp entered the fourth floor apartment between Bay Ridge Avenue and 68th Street sometime after 9 am after forcing open a bedroom window.

• A bottle of Oxycodon was among the items taken from a Bay Ridge Parkway apartment as the 63-year-old tenant ran to the bank. Cops were told that the thief crept through a bedroom window sometime between 11:40 am and 1:40 pm, taking the pharmaceuticals, a laptop computer, a digital camera, some jewelry and a watch.

Amped up

A thief broke into a 2000 Yukon parked on 85th Street and Seventh Avenue on April 28, removing two amplifiers.

Police said that a speaker box and some other hardware were removed from the vehicle with remarkable precision — when the truck’s owner showed up on 10:46 am, he didn’t find his window broken, just open slightly.

Phantom charges

An identity thief managed to go on a $1,399 shopping spree on a 100th Street woman’s debit card, even though the victim had the card on her the entire time.

The woman, who lives between Third and Fourth avenues said she nearly flipped when she found all the additional charges on her bill on March 29.

She said she didn’t know how the charges were made, since the debit card was still in her wallet.

Police were investigating the woman’s claims.

Ring swipe

Sometimes cleanliness isn’t next to godliness. It’s next to foolishness.

A woman lost two pricey rings when she took them off to wash her hands at a Fourth Avenue Chinese restaurant between 100th and 101st streets and then promptly forgot about them.

Cops were told that the woman took the rings off and placed them on the bathroom counter as she washed. She then left the bathroom, leaving them behind.

When she realized her mistake, she went back to the bathroom, but the rings, which were valued at $10,250, were missing.

— Thomas Tracy

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