Old lady roughed up

A thug roughed up and robbed a 67-year-old woman as she walked down 66th Street on July 19.

The woman was standing on the corner of Fifth avenue at around 10 pm when the suspect approached her from behind and shoved her to the ground. The man then fled, but not before grabbing the victim’s wallet, making off with $65 and a Metrocard.

Eat down

A dispute between two men turned violent at a Third Avenue diner on July 19.

The 41-year-old victim told cops he was eating at the restaurant, between 76th and 77th streets, at around 9:30 pm when he and another man got into an argument about a mutual friend.

As the fight escalated, the suspect picked up a water glass and smashed it across the victim’s face, cutting the victim’s left ear and cheek.

Jewel grab

A jewelry thief broke into a Bay Ridge Avenue apartment on July 16 and got lots of bling.

The victim, 59, said he left his apartment, which is between Narrows Avenue and Bliss Terrace, at around 10 am. When he returned less than six hours later, more than $6,000 of bracelets, rings and watches were missing.

Double duty

Two apartments on the top two floors of a 65th Street building were robbed on consecutive days this week.

In the first incident, on July 15, someone broke into an apartment on the 30th floor of the building, which is between Second and Third avenues, through an open terrace window. The 85-year-old resident was only gone from his apartment between 7 and 8 pm, but that was enough time for the suspect to sneak in and grab $400, a digital camera and a custom-made baseball bat .

Then, the next day, an apartment on the 20th floor of the building was robbed between noon and 1 pm.

The 56-year-old victim told cops she left her apartment for just under an hour to visit a flower shop down the street. When she got home, she noticed that one of her windows was open and more than $11,000 in jewelry was gone.

Purse snatch

Someone snatched a woman’s purse out of her parked car as she exercised near Poly Place on July 17.

The 60-year-old woman said she locked her car and left it at the corner of 92nd street while she went for a walk in Dyker Beach Park at around 6:30 am. By the time she got back to the vehicle one hour later, the thief had smashed the car’s passenger-side window and grabbed the victim’s pocketbook from the back seat, making off with $100 and various credit and debit cards.

— Emily Lavin