Om, man: Borough President Adams loves yoga and meditation

Om, man: Borough President Adams loves yoga and meditation
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

He rolled out the welcome mats.

So it turns out September is National Yoga Month and Borough President Adams, rarely one to let such an occasion go unmarked, celebrated with yoga, Zumba, and meditation workshops in the plaza in front of Borough Hall on Wednesday. The Beep got all beatific in describing his discovery of the more ancient of the practices.

“I recently picked up yoga and meditation and I cannot tell you have much of a difference they have made in dealing with the complexities of how artificial, metal, and concrete our society has become,” Adams said in a statement. “We have moved away from the meadows, the trees, and the natural aspects of the world and have lost our identity along the way. Meditation gives us the opportunity to come back to nature and find the driving purpose that we live for.”

Adams took to the mats to demonstrate some yoga poses.

The buff Brooklyn booster is a longtime champion of physical fitness and said this event was a way of promoting spiritual health in the borough.

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