‘A Night of Wonder’: Mark G. Meadows to pay homage to Stevie Wonder at On Stage at Kingsborough’s season finale

mark g meadows on stage at kingsborough
Mark G. Meadows & The Movement will close out the season at On Stage at Kingsborough on May 6.
Photo courtesy of James Gardiner

Award-winning jazz pianist and vocalist Mark G. Meadows and his band The Movement will pay homage to the musical legacy of Stevie Wonder during On Stage at Kingsborough’s season finale performance, “A Night of Wonder,” on May 6.

Alongside guest vocalist Emily Braden, Meadows and his crew will take concert-goers down memory lane with their fresh takes on Stevie Wonder classics like “Superstition,” “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” and more. 

“First and foremost, it is honest, it has feeling and it has the joy of not only what I bring, but what the band brings to this music,” said Meadows. “It’s going to be relatable because Stevie’s music is so relatable; I just try to create a canvas that I can express that to the best of my ability.”

Meadows joins the long line of decorated artists to perform at On Stage at Kingsborough. With a season that runs from October to May, the organization brings world- class dance, cabaret, theatre, music and family performances to the Leon M. Goldstein Performing Arts Center. 

As the son of a gospel and jazz vocalist, Meadows began his musical journey at the age of three with the gift of a toy keyboard. Soon after, at five years old, he began taking piano lessons. 

Since picking up the craft, Meadows has gone on to receive award recognitions from DownBeat Magazine, performed alongside world-renowned artists like Usher and Kendrick Lamar and directed and played in musical performances like La Jolla Playhouse’s hit stage adaptation of “The Outsiders.”

However, it was not only his love for performing that his dad introduced him to – but also his appreciation for Wonder’s music that showgoers can expect to see radiate from his On Stage at Kingsborough show.

“In our house, in the car, we were always listening to Stevie. Throughout my career, as I’ve been a musician, a lot of my compositions and set lists have had to do with Stevie Wonder’s influence on my life and my music,” said Meadows. “What comes out of me is all of that practice, all of that listening, all of the love for artists like Stevie Wonder.”

Closing off this year’s season, Meadows anticipates to send concert-goers away with a greater affection for Wonder’s music and the legacy he has created.

“I hope they’ll leave with a great feeling of inspiration and a great feeling of appreciation for music that reaches all and speaks to all. I hope they feel that motivation and fire to keep on living this life as Stevie Wonder has lived a beautiful life and career,” said Meadows.

Mark G. Meadows & The Movement will perform “A Night of Wonder” at On Stage at Kingsborough on Saturday, May 6, at 8 p.m. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Kingsborough’s website