Can you dig it? High schoolers spend summer on a farm

Can you dig it? High schoolers spend summer on a farm

Manhattan Beach

Can you dig it?

Nearly 40 high school students are spending their summer on a farm right here in the Borough of Churches. As part of the Kingsborough Community College’s Brooklyn Science Innovation initiative, teens will be spiffing up their green thumbs in research and environmental sustainability.

The initiative engages students’ interest in science through hands-on workshops and the real-world application of urban farming. In addition, by bringing these high school students onto a college campus for the first time, they get a glimpse of higher eduction, and the continuation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics realities.

At the end of the summer, the students pitch their concepts of environmental sustainability and see which thumb is the greenest.

“It is important that students see the far-reaching and innovative career prospects that exist in places where they may never have thought to look before — like in a garden,” said Kingsborough Community College President Farley Herzek.

By the way, the urban farm is an organic, high-production site that explores sustainable farming, and produces foods used in the classrooms, labs, and the kitchens in the Culinary Arts program.

Kingsborough Community College [2001 Oriental Blvd. and Decatur Avenue in Manhattan Beach, (718) 368–5000].

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