One comfy donation


Husband-and-wife doctors Kiran Patel and Pallevi Patel gave a generous six-figure gift to the Brooklyn Hospital Center at its Founder’s Ball on June 6 — a $250,000 donation to have the hospital’s emergency room waiting area remodeled. We here at Standing O know that the only thing worse than waiting in an emergency room is waiting in an uncomfortable emergency room chair, so we personally want to thank Drs. Patel for their donation from the bottom of our hearts — and bottoms.

Dr. Kiran Patel is a cardiologist. Wife Dr. Pallevi Patel is a pediatrician. The two met as they completed residency training in New Jersey in 1976. After furthering their education, they took a road trip to Florida, where they started the Patel Foundation for Global Understanding, a nonprofit that develops funds for health, education, arts, and culture.

So why, you ask, would they drop $250,000 smackers in Brooklyn? Well, Standing O knows that Brooklyn’s where it’s at. Yet the Patels say they chose our beloved borough to spark change.

“Many people donate to fancy places with prestige or a name, but we look for places that are under the radar. We want to be the spark that lights the fire and inspire others to provide the fuel,” they told us.

Standing O likes where the Patels are coming from. But $250,000? That’s not a spark, that’s a first-alarm fire!

The Brooklyn Hospital Center [121 St. Felix St. at Ashland Place in Downtown, (718) 250–8000].

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