Op-ed: Hey ‘Build it Bigger’ Bill, density kills!

Mayor Bill de Blasio.
REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Justifiably so, we are all concerned and fearful of COVID-19 and how it can – and does – affect each of us.

Virtually all of us know someone, possibly ourselves, who has had the virus. Hopefully, there has been a recovery in that person. Sometimes not!

New York City is the epicenter of the virus in our state and in our country. We must ask why.

The answer is simple and obvious – density! Large numbers of people living in a comparatively confined space, having to be compacted together in public transportation, being on top of each other in our schools, and so on, leave all of us exponentially more susceptible to becoming ill when one of us becomes ill.

The more of us that there are, the more of us get sick from any communicable disease. And the more of us who get sick, the larger the pure number of us who succumb – that means die!

Growth of a population, in many ways, can be beneficial but “density on steroids” is destructive.

That is what has happened in New York City. Our mayor, “Build it Bigger” Bill de Blasio, just seems to look at one side of the coin. “Let’s make more, bigger, buildings. Let’s have more people move here.” That seems to be his mantra. Sorry, Mr. Mayor. That’s what is killing us – literally.

It’s not a new discovery. Density kills!

You, as mayor, are responsible for the public welfare in our city. You are responsible to see to it that there are plans in place to have growth, if needed, while not creating over-density which jeopardizes our health and lives. In this regard, you have failed.

In the April 2020 issue of “Jewish Image” magazine, an article by Rabbi Schmuly Yanklowitz regarding COVID-19, argues that there is no value in placing blame on large populations for the spread of this virus. However, he says, “Of course, we must hold reckless public officials accountable if they neglect public welfare.”

You, “Build it Bigger” Bill, have looked in only one direction and with blinders on. That is reckless and in violation of the public welfare. We deserve better than what you have done to us!

Hon. Maurice H. Kolodin is the president of the Shorefront Partnership Alliance.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of the officers of the organization and may not reflect those of any of the partners.