Opinion: The case for the president’s re-election

President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.
REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Four years ago on election night, I cheered when Donald Trump was declared the next President of the United States while my wife literally cried.

For the future of our country, Trump needs to be re-elected. Of course, I hope my wife does not shed tears this time; although inevitably, she will be upset.

While some of President Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks and tweets are cringeworthy, it is his actions — not his words — that are more important. We must remember that he is not a career politician, which to a large degree explains his unconventional approach. Indeed, this outsider status played a role in his 2016 election.

Whether you voted for him or not, most would have to admit that he has followed through on some of his campaign promises.

Under Trump, the US has built and paid for renovations and additions to 370 miles of border wall along the 2,000-mile Mexican border, and eliminated some of the restrictions on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) faced. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump presided over a strong economy and the lowest unemployment rate in decades. He has not involved us in any new wars, strongly supported Israel, nominated fierce conservative federal judges and — perhaps most importantly — kept America safe from foreign attack. Promises made, promises kept!

On the other side, Joe Biden is the quintessential career politician, having spent 47 years in Washington, D.C. More concerning, though, is the left-ward shift of the Democratic Party, which one might argue has influenced the former vice president.

One needs no further proof than the fact that Biden, nor any other speaker at the Democratic National Convention, dared to condemn or even mention the rioting in American cities following the police killing of Minnesotan George Floyd, because the riots were associated with Black Lives Matter protests. Biden has also been silent about the tearing down of statues and monuments by these so-called protesters — including those of our founding fathers.

Most fair-minded Americans see the difference in how the news covers Trump versus everyone else. Think about it: If Hunter Biden were a Trump, there would be wall-to-wall coverage of the New York Post reporting of his alleged involvement with Ukraine and China. Instead, there is censorship by Twitter. To this day, the news outlet’s Twitter account remains locked.

A Trump victory would be a repudiation of this double standard.

Finally, perhaps a Trump victory would embolden moderate Democrats to take their party back from Democratic-Socialists.

America is served best when our political parties work together for compromised solutions. Unfortunately, this is not possible today. Therefore, we should choose the candidate that stands with law enforcement and preserving our history — including our faults — rather than tearing our history down.

Bob Capano has worked for Brooklyn Republican and Democrat elected officials, and has been an adjunct political science professor for over 15 years. Follow him on twitter @bobcapano.