Our exclusive mus-o-meter registers A Sunny Day in Glasgow

A Sunny Day in Glasgow burst on the dream-pop, shoegaze scene in 2009 with its sophomore album, “Ashes Grammar,” a sprawling collection of experimental noise-pop. The band’s recent EP is a continuation of that album — the leftovers, so to speak. But to really get a sense of what it’s all about, the band can only be described through the musical-mathematical science that goes into our exclusive mus-o-meter.

Take the jarring guitar licks of Jesus and Mary Chain’s 1985 record “Pyschocandy,” then add

… the detached vocals and heady haziness of My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 album, “Loveless.” Then add

… Cocteau Twins’ atmospheric, non-lyrical female vocal stylings on “Head Over Heels.” The sum?

A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s “Nitetime Rainbows.”

— Meredith Deliso

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