Pants on fire! Bottomless subway ride heats up the rails

Pants on fire! Bottomless subway ride heats up the rails

Perverts (like us) from all over the city dropped trou and pulled out their dignity for the world to see on Sunday — but it was Brooklyn that, not surprisingly, looked the hottest without pants on.

Hundreds in Park Slope and Williamsburg joined the citywide 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride to Union Square on the L train, the so-called “second leg” of the hipster Triple Crown. It may have been below-freezing outside, but things were just warming up when the hipsters converged at Maria Hernandez Park at Irving Avenue and Starr Street at 2 pm.

“The world won’t be ready for my underwear, but I’m gonna give it to them anyway,” said Bushwick resident Shea Glaser. “I made sure that both my panties and my lipstick were red, so they matched.”

Glaser’s comment was later verified by our investigative team.

On the train, Glaser and hundreds of others had straphangers drooling, shooting photos, and frowning in disgust — all while the pant-less kept their faces straight and their noses deep in the pages of a fresh copy of The Brooklyn Paper.

After an hour or two of shenanigans, they descended upon Union Square. But the party hadn’t started until hundreds of Brooklynites flooded the plaza.

It was all in the name of fun — Improv Everywhere’s yearly (legal) prank that really turns up the heat in the cold of winter.

As everyone knows, the hipster Triple Crown also includes SantaCon in December and the upcoming Idiotirod shopping cart race later this month.