Park Slope woman rescues chicken, promptly names it Elizabeth Warr-hen

park slope chicken
Cluck!: Park Sloper Molly Sandley found a home for a wandering chicken who she named Elizabeth Warr-hen.
Molly Sandley

She has a plan for that chicken!

A kind-hearted Park Sloper rescued a wayward rooster she discovered strutting along Union Street on Thursday, before sending her to live on a farm in Vermont — but not before she named the bird Elizabeth Warr-hen!

Molly Sandley found the chicken — which is male, despite being named after the female presidential candidate — between Sixth and Seventh avenues at 6 pm, trying roost atop of an eight-foot inflatable Santa Claus, according to a Gothamist report.

Sandley scooped up the left winger and took him home — where she provided it with safe haven in her bathroom, she told the Brooklyn Paper.

“He was cold and very hungry, but basically healthy,” she said. 

The Brooklyn bird hero kept the the fancy Mottled Houdan rooster in her bathroom overnight, and got to work trying to find his owners the next day by posting signs around the neighborhood and in online social media groups. 

The search for the chicken quickly began to spread — even leading to an announcement over the intercom at the Park Slope Food Co-op, said Sandley.

“The guy at the front desk got on the intercom and announced, ‘If anyone lost a live rooster on Union Street last night, email [email protected],'” Sandley wrote in a Facebook post.

But despite Sandley’s best efforts, no owners came forward to claim ownership over Elizabeth Warr-hen. 

“We’ve checked craigslist, all the missing pet boards etc. and put up signs, but no one has claimed him,” Sandley said. 

Sandley’s adoption of Warr-hen came as a relief for the bird, who’s been spotted waddling around the borough for several days. 

On Dec. 17, Fort Hamilton residents uploaded a video of the same breed of chicken on the crime-reporting app Citizen — five and a half miles away from where Sandley scooped him up two days later!

“It’s the same chicken, but very far away from that location!! Omg.  How did he get so far?” Sandley wrote about the Fort Hamilton rooster.

Because of the bird’s long time on the lam, Sandley decided to give up on trying to find his owner, and gifted him to a friend who lives in Vermont. 

“Since he’s apparently been out on the streets of Brooklyn for at least three days  and he can’t get re-homed to any of the local community gardens since roosters aren’t legal in the city, a friend in Vermont has agreed to take him,” she said. 

Hopefully, the Elizabeth Warr-hen’s new owner will have the good sense to rename the Brooklyn bird turned Vermonter “Birdie Sanders” upon his arrival to the Green Mountain State.   

Representatives of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign did not respond to requests for comment.