Pickpocket wakes sleeping man, knocks him out to steal wallet

94th Precinct


Go back to sleep

A heavy-handed pickpocket woke up a sleeping man on the L train while trying to steal his phone — and proceeded to knock him out when he awoke on Aug. 9, cops say.

The sleepy straphanger got on at the Montrose Avenue station, and dozed off while riding the train. He awoke around 4:30 am to find a thief trying to take the phone out his pocket, police say.

As the victim came to his wits, the ne’er do well punched him in the head, knocking him unconscious, cops reported. The victim awoke at the Bedford Avenue stop missing his phone, according to a report.

Drill baby drill!

A bozo tried taking a drill to an automated teller machine on Kent Avenue in the early morning of Aug. 11 — before being chased off by a local resident, police say.

A Greenpoint man told the police that he heard a loud noise outside his window near N. Eighth Street around 5 am and looked out his window to find a goon trying to use the power tool, which was plugged into his car, on the cash dispenser.

But once the witness went downstairs to confront wannabe thief, he took off in his car, according to a report.

Let me help you with that

Three men tried to rob a woman after helping get her things into a cab on Aug. 14 on N. Fifth Street.

Three nogoodniks offered to help a woman load her things into a cab on the corner of N. Sixth Street and Kent Avenue, but after she got in the cab and started to drive away, she realized her wallet was missing, according to police. She immediately turned around and confronted one of the toughs who was still at the scene, officials said.

The two began arguing until several construction workers from a nearby site came by and held the alleged miscreant until the police arrived. Cops say a witness reported seeing the suspect return the victim’s wallet, but the victim says she is still out $1,300.

— Harry MacCormack