Pilferer pinches pennies

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Pilferer pinches pennies

A scoundrel robbed a man walking down Classon Avenue on March 16.

The victim told police he left Speedy Romeo Pizzeria at around 10:15pm and started his walk home. At the corner of Gates Avenue, a stranger walked up to him with a black hand gun and demanded his cell phone and the passcode to unlock it. The victim refused, and the jerk struck him on the right side of his head, grabbed the phone, and fled. Later on, the victim realized the perp had managed to sign in to the banking apps on his phone and had removed more than $1,2000 from his accounts.

A group of goons

A whole group of goons attacked someone on Monument Walk on March 19.

Police said the victim was near Navy Street at about 3am when he was surrounded by a group of nine attackers, who punched him in the face repeatedly, knocking him out. Before he lost consciousness, the victim felt someone reach into his pocket and slip out $150 in cash. 

Emergency responders brought the victim to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center to treat injuries to his head and left shoulder.

Thief nabs bicycle

A lout stole a delivery worker’s electric bicycle from Downing Street on March 19. 

The victim was making a delivery near Putnam Avenue just before 11pm and left the bike unlocked on the sidewalk for a few minutes, police said. When he walked out of the building, some knave was walking away with the bike. Unwilling to let it go without a fight, the victim followed him down the street, but the thief turned, punched him in the stomach, and asked for the keys to the bike. When the victim refused to hand them over, the perp threatened him with a knife, but ran off without using it. Officers found the bike abandoned on Cambridge Place. 

Sneak thief at sisters

Some sneak broke into a Fulton Street restaurant in the wee hours of March 16 and made off with a chunk of change.

Police said the jerk snuck into Sisters restaurant at the corner of Washington Avenue through an open window at around 5am, then pried open the locked front door to make an easy exit with $200 in cash from the register and an empty cash box. Surveillance cameras caught the perp sliding in through the window, and an employee happened lay eyes on the thief as he fled.

Unlucky unlocked vehicle

A lucky brigand stole credit cards and more from an unlocked car parked on Willoughby Street on March 14.

The victim told police he left the car near the corner of Ashland Place at around 8:30am and returned early that same afternoon. When he hopped in the vehicle, he realized someone had opened the door and gathered up credit cards and a gas powered model car, plus some equipment, all in all worth nearly $3,000. The perp later tried to make a purchase with a stolen credit card at the Fulton Street Game Stop, but the transaction was declined.

Black market bandit

A jerk picked up a lost bag and decided to start using the debit card he found inside rather than returning it on March 15.

Police said the victim had been riding a CitiBike along Flushing Avenue at about 5pm and realized he had dropped a small bag containing cash, his passport, and his debit card along the route. When he called his bank to cancel the card, they informed him that someone had charged about $30 to the card to make a purchase on the black market.

Professional carjacker

A seasoned prowler made off with two parked cars in the bed of a tow truck on on Classon Avenue on March 9.

The victim told police he had left two vehicles parked near Park Avenue from 5 to 8:30pm. He was surprised to find both cars missing when he returned — and even more surprised to discover that camera footage showing an unmarked tow truck loading up both cars and driving off with them. Cops searched the area but didn’t find a trace of the pair of missing vehicles.

Road rage rogues

A rogue allegedly slashed a driver on the hand after the pair got into a road-rage induced fight on March 7.

Police said the victim, a civilian member of the NYPD, was driving along at Vanderbilt Avenue and Fulton Street at about 9am when another driver started honking at him. When the victim tried to pass the jerk, he sped up, preventing him from getting back into the appropriate driving lane. Things escalated when the victim cut the other driver off and got out of his car, and pulled the other driver’s door open. The rogue allegedly responded by reaching out with an unknown sharp object and slashing the victim across the left hand. 

The slasher was arrested on the scene.

Donation denied

A man smacked a passerby with an umbrella on Fulton Street on March 9.

The victim told police they were walking near Downing Street at 5pm and passed someone who was asking for money. The victim said no, and the knave responded by hitting him on the head and face with an umbrella, causing swelling, pain, and leaving the victim with a laceration on the top of his head.

Emergency responders took the victim to The Brooklyn Hospital Center for treatment.

Fleeing arrest

An alleged thief ran away from cops mid-arrest on Fulton Street on March 13.

Police said they had stopped the lout at around 9pm in a subway station near Flatbush Avenue Extension after he allegedly jumped the turnstile. Mid-arrest, the jerk started flailing his arms, preventing cops from cuffing him, then pushed a cop to the ground and made a run for it, escaping on a southbound 2 train. 

Cops successfully arrested the alleged escapee later that night.

Not very zen

Some raider disturbed the peace at a Greene Avenue yoga studio on March 7.

The victim said they locked up the studio near Classon Avenue at around 9pm that night and headed home. By 7:45 the next morning, someone had allegedly busted open the front door just to take a bamboo clock – leaving everything else intact and undisturbed.

Police arrested the rustler a few days later, after watching security footage from a neighbor.

Apple Payday

A pilferer lifted an iPhone 13 and used it to make a few large purchases on Flatbush Avenue on March 6.

Police said the victim lost his iPhone, then started getting notifications that someone was using Apple Pay on the device to purchase more than $7,000 of goods at the Apple store on Flatbush Avenue before he cancelled his credit card.