Pip boy included

Pip boy included
Do you feel lucky: Actors Liz Barkan and Len Rella star in a play inspired by video games at the Williamsburg Brick Theater this July.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

It’s funny because you can always press reset.

A novel play inspired by the post-apocalyptic “Fallout” and dystopian “Bioshock” video games — which is coming to the Brick Theater in July, as a part of the Game Play Festival — sticks to its dark source material and has a morbid sense of humor.

“They’re going to die, as far as you can tell, but we try to find a dark humor in this setting,” said playwright and video game critic Charles Battersby, of the characters in the play. “Amusing things can still happen in the apocalypse.”

Battersby’s play “That Cute Radioactive Couple: A Post-Apocalyptic Comedy,” focuses on Ray, an apocalypse prepper whose fallout shelter is ready for anything — that is anything, but love.

Not counting on getting married, Ray built his fallout shelter for one.

The writer and director first lifted the curtain on his video game-themed production in Boston at the Penny Arcade Expo, and previous incarnations were performed at last year’s Game Play Theater Festival.

This year’s rendition, however, has been expanded from a 15-minute skit to an hour-long performance, although the extra content doesn’t come cheap.

In order to pay his actors — and not starve — Battersby has resorted to the internet revenue generator, kickstarter.com.

“No one’s in danger of not getting paid,” Battersby explained. “The Kickstarter is to make sure I don’t have to choose between paying my actors and buying that loaf of bread I’ve been eyeing.”

But if he doesn’t make his goal, Battersby doesn’t sound too worried.

“Hundreds of hours playing Fallout have taught me to scavenge for food,” he said.

“That Cute Radioactive Couple: A Post-Apocalyptic Comedy” is playing at Brick Theater [579 Metropolitan Ave. between Lorimer Street and Union Avenue in Williamsburg, (718) 285-3863, bricktheater.com] July 10, 9 pm, July 13 7 pm, and July 27, 5:30 pm.

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