Pirate steals delivery driver’s car on Avenue T

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Delivery hijacker

A pirate hijacked a delivery person’s car on Avenue T on Sept. 30.

The victim told police they were making a delivery near Nostrand Avenue at around 11 pm, when the reprobate punched them in the head and threw them to the ground, before driving off in the stolen car.

Police later located the vehicle within the confines of the 68th Precinct, according to police reports.

Gang of goons

Cops cuffed a suspect for an alleged robbery on Avenue W on Sept. 30.

The victim told police that four people approached near Bedford Avenue around 10 pm and claimed to have a gun, before allegedly hitting the victim and grabbing their cell phone.

Police later arrested one of the suspects, who had possession of the stolen phone, on felony robbery charges, according to police reports.

Maced in the face!

A bandit ambushed a driver and stole their car on W. 11th Street on Sept. 30.

The victim told police they parked near Lake Place when the scumbag ran up and pepper-sprayed them and stole $400 from the victim, before speeding off in the ill-gotten car.

Double doofus

Police arrested a suspect for allegedly attempting to rob an Avenue X bank twice on Oct. 1.

An employee told police that the suspect allegedly walked into the bank near W. Second Street around 5:40 pm and demanded money, but then feld without any cash.

The perp allegedly gave it another go, coming into the building shouting, “This is a robbery, keep your head down,” before again leaving without any bounty, according to police.

Cops later arrested the man on felony robbery charges, according to police.

Home invader

A filcher looted an Avenue Z home on Oct. 6.

The victim told police they returned to their dwelling near E. 26th Street at around 4 pm and found that someone had stolen their jewelry.

— Kevin Duggan