Pirates loot $1,450 from parked car

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Gucci grabber

Some crooks snagged $1,450 worth of goods from a parked car on W. 29th Street on Jan. 14. 

The victim told police that the thieves stole her Gucci scarf, Gucci wallet, and other jewelry from her car between Surg Avenue and Riegalmann Boardwalk around 10 am.

Construction crooks

Some pirates stole $1,3750 worth of property from a W. 17th street home on Jan. 10. 

The victim told police that the robbers entered the home between Mermaid and Neptune avenues around 1 pm and snagged an electric generator and a paint sprayer.

Jack of spades

A highway robber stole $60 and a Kate Spade bag from a woman walking on Ocean Parkway on Jan. 18. 

The victim told police that the pillager pushed her from behind between Beach Walk and Ocean View Avenue around 12:55 pm, before mugging her.