Pistol-packing goons hold up pharmacy manager

94th Precinct


Pharmacy folly

Two louts tried to strong arm a Bedford Avenue pharmacy on Aug. 1, according to a police report.

The manager was standing at the front of the store near N. Third Street around 5:31 am when the two would-be robbers walked in, one holding a brown bag.

One of them walked up to the manager, grabbed him by the neck, whipped out a pistol from the bag, and told him to open the safe. The manager could not get it open, so the baddie told him to take money from the register. A customer walking in spooked the pair and they fled with empty hands, law enforcement officials said.

Not so smart

Police arrested one of four suspects who beat and robbed a guy after getting into an argument with him on India Street on Aug. 8, police said.

The victim told police he was walking home around 2:30 am near Manhattan Avenue when he got into the dispute with the quartet. The four were yelling “you think you’re smarter than us,” he told cops, and then jumped him.

They allegedly took his phone, $300, and a credit card, and hit him around his face and body before fleeing.

Time for a raise

Some goon tried to rob a chic N. Seventh Street clothing store on Aug. 2, but failed to hang on to his haul, police said.

The scoundrel walked in to the store between Berry and Wythe avenues around noon and stuffed a bunch of pricey threads into his backpack. When an employee confronted him, he punched the victim in the face and split down the street, a police report read.

A pair of dedicated employees caught up to the thief and got the clothes back, but the perp got away.

Back window man

A freebooter got away with a Driggs Avenue restaurant’s cash register — but no cash — during an early morning burglary on Aug. 1, police said.

A porter on the property near Lorimer Street walked into the restaurant around 4:30 am and heard banging in the rear of the establishment. He turned on the lights to see a guy climbing out through the kitchen window.

The thief got away and fled towards Nassau Avenue, and staff later found an empty cash register was missing, according to police.

Sneaker swiper

A shyster scammed a Sutton Street man out of nearly $4,000 worth of sneakers on Aug. 1, according to police.

The thief found his mark through a smartphone app OfferUp, and went to his home between Nassau and Driggs avenues around 3 pm to pick up four pairs of kicks — two pairs bearing the name of the greatest basketball player of all time and two pairs designed by a famous rapper.

He left with them, but the victim never got the money he was promised via a smartphone payment app, police said.

— Dennis Lynch