Pizza peril: Seven sneaky scoundrels swipe slices in Downtown heist

Police are looking for the seven men they say pilfered a delivery driver of two pizza pies while making a drop-off in Downtown Brooklyn.

They wanted a pizza-the action!

Cops are still looking for the group of seven men who robbed a delivery man of two pizzas while he was making a drop-off in Downtown Brooklyn on Jan. 13.

The victim told cops that he was surrounded by the group of men at around 10:30 p.m. as he was making a delivery stop at Sands Street, between Navy and Gold streets, within the confines of the 84th Precinct. Fearing for his safety, he told police he began to run towards his vehicle when the group of seven started to chase him.

The delivery driver managed to get away but had the two pizzas he was delivering stolen from him.

Authorities are still trying to pinpoint the identities of the individuals, as an investigation of the area that night turned up no leads.

As of Jan. 14, robberies are down slightly year-to-date in the 84th Precinct, according to the latest Police Department data.