Police impersonator steals car

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Fort Greene—Clinton Hill

Police impersonator steals car

A baddie pretending to be a cop stole a car on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on May 2.

Police said the knave, who was driving a white van with flashing police lights, pulled the victim over at 9:40pm near Flushing Avenue. He approached the window dressed all in black with NYPD patches and a gun in a holster and asked for her license and registration and pretended to run her information. When he returned, he asked her to step out of the vehicle and leave her keys on the dashboard. Once she had done so, the fake cop jumped into the 2o20 Honda Accord and sped off. 

Armed mugging for small bills

Some jerk robbed a man at a Fulton Street deli on May 8.

The victim said a strange man approached him near the corner of Washington Avenue at about 1:30am and asked for $20. When the victim refused to hand over the money, the thief pulled a gun, but fled down Fulton Street in a white getaway car without any of the cash.

Sleepy assault

A jerk allegedly attacked a woman while she slept in the Tillary Street Women’s shelter on May 2.

Police said the victim was fast asleep at about 3am when she was rudely awakened by the alleged assailant hitting her face and body with a heavy combination lock. The attack left the victim with several bruises, swelling, and a laceration.

Cops arrested the suspect on the scene, and the victim was taken to The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

Partier takes things too far

Some hard-partying bandit broke into a Fulton Street bar on May 2.

The victim told police someone broke both the side door and front window of 921 Bar and Grill sometime between 5 and 6:30 am and stocked up on bottles of Moet, Hennessy, and Ciroc, plus a drill and a pair of Cartier sunglasses. The sneak also attempted to break open the ATM, but was unsuccessful. 

Housebreakers caught in the act

A pair of housebreakers were caught in the act as they rummaged through an Ashland Place apartment on May 2.

Police said the victim stepped out of his apartment near Lafayette Avenue for a few minutes at about 4:30 pm. When he walked back into the apartment, he was shocked to find two men searching his belongings. Scared, the victim told the invaders to take what they wanted and get out — and they did, taking a Playstation 4, Apple iPad, and an Apple Pencil, all told worth more than $1,100.

Catalytic converter cut out

A sneak sliced a catalytic converter off of a car parked on Cumberland Street between April 28 and May 1.

The victim said she left her Acura parked near Lafayette Avenue for a few days, but was dismayed when she tried to start the car up and realized someone had sliced out the essential and expensive catalytic converter. Cops spotted a few security cameras nearby, but had not yet accessed footage of the incident.

Motorcycle mayhem on the terrace

A couple of cretins stole a BMW motorcycle from a Washington Avenue home on May 3.

Police said the motorcycle was sitting on the victim’s terrace near Willoughby Avenue when the filchers rolled it into the street at about 2 am and into a parked van waiting nearby. The whole operation was captured on a neighbor’s security camera.