Police: Man high on drugs breaks into home, then punches man in holding cell

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Bad trip

A man under arrest for breaking into a W. 16th Street building while high on Jan. 24 then punched another man while in a Surf Avenue holding cell, police said.

A woman at the residence between Stilwell Avenue and Bay 50th Street told cops she heard screaming in the hallway at 6:40 am and went to the door to see the suspect kicking the entry door, thereby breaking one of the locks.

She called the police, who apprehended the man and brought him to the 60th Precinct, according to cops.

The detective squad determined that the suspect had been under the influence of drugs, and thought that people were chasing him, so he tried to hide in the victim’s home and didn’t have any intention of committing any crime there, according to the police report.

While in the holding cell just after 10:30 am that same day, the defendant punched another man in the face, according to the authorities.

His burglary charge had been reclassifed to a criminal trespass, but now he also has a felony assault complaint, said officials.

Clocked and robbed

A lout punched and robbed a man on Stillwell Avenue on Jan. 26.

The victim told cops that the ne’er-do-well sucker-punched him in the face and forced $200 from his pocket between Shore Parkway and Neptune Avenue at 6 pm.

He then made a run for it towards Neptune Avenue, cops said.

That’s pucked up!

A brute struck a woman in the head with a hockey stick on Seagate Avenue on Jan. 27.

The victim and the villain were arguing near Lyme Avenue just after 7 am when the malcontent grabbed his stick and whacked her across the head, causing a painful laceration, according to the authorities.

Paramedics rushed the victim to Coney Island Hospital for treatment, cops said.

Stabbed in the chest

A reprobate stabbed a man on W. 33rd Street on Jan. 27.

The victim and the baddie had a dispute between Surf and Mermaid avenues at 9:30 pm when the latter took a knife and stabbed him in the chest, causing him serious injury, cops said.

Emergency personnel brought the stabbed man to Lutheran Hospital for treatment, according to the authorities.

— Kevin Duggan