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Police: Man slapped teen’s butt at Park Slope school

78th Precinct

Park Slope


Police arrested a 20-year-old man for allegedly touching a teen girl’s butt inside a Seventh Avenue high school on Oct. 21.

The 14-year-old girl told police she was in the hallway between classes at the school between Fourth and Fifth streets at 9:50 am, when the suspect slapped her rear with an open hand.

The suspect is not listed as a city employee, nor was he trespassing, making it likely he was student held back several years, according to a police spokesman.

Bad turn

Cops busted a man for allegedly driving drunk after he made wild U-turn on Sixth Avenue on Oct. 23.

The arresting officer was near Flatbush Avenue at 3:45 am, when he spotted the suspect veering into oncoming traffic as he made the turn in his 2005 Nissan Sedan, according to police.

The patrolman pulled over the driver to find that his breath allegedly reeked of booze and he blew a Breathalyzer over the legal limit at the scene, cops said.


A man used a counterfeit $50 bill to make purchases at a Third Avenue doughnut shop on Oct. 20.

A store rep told police that the forger bought about $15 worth of fried dough with the bogus bill at the store between 14th and 15th streets at 6:39 pm, before walking away with $35.45 in legitimate change.

Track attack

Cops collared a 60-year-old man for allegedly going on a berserk tirade during which he slugged a man twice and threatened him with a glass bottle after screaming at straphangers inside a Flatbush Avenue subway station on Oct. 20,.

The 54-year-old victim was inside the station near Grand Army Plaza at 8:16 am, when he spotted the suspect acting wacky and bellowing at commuters, cops said.

The victim did his best to ignore the suspect and walked past him without a second glance, but the older man whacked him once on the shoulder and then again in the face, police said.

The suspect then brandished a glass bottle and waved it about like a weapon, according to police.

Teen terror

Cops arrested a 14-year-old boy after they say he tried to rob a guy on Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 19.

The 53-year-old victim told police he was near Atlantic Avenue at 10:25 pm when the suspect walked up and allegedly said, “Empty your pockets. If you don’t, when I see you I will hurt you.”

The suspect then motioned like he had a weapon tucked in his drawers, but the could-have-been victim wasn’t buying it, and casually walked away without consequence, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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