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Police: Man threatens guys and slashes one with box-cutter

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Razor sharp

Police arrested a man who they say attacked two men on Flatbush Avenue with a box-cutter on Dec. 22.

The two victims were between Prospect and Park places on their way to meet some friends at 11:46 pm when the suspect suddenly shouted, “next time I see you, I’m going to kill you,” before brandishing a the blade and slashing one of the men, while spitting on the other, according to police.

The pair worked together to subdue their assailant, and detained him until police arrived and arrested him on menacing charges, cops said.


A thief drove off with a woman’s Mazda she parked on Carroll Street on Dec. 23.

The victim told police she left her 2017 CX-5 between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 5 pm, and returned the next morning to find the four-door stolen.

Gentleman bust

Cops busted a man suspected of beating and robbing his girlfriend on Flatbush Avenue on Dec. 17.

The victim, 34, told police she was near the Prospect Park Zoo at 10 pm when the suspect punched her in the face, before taking her iPhone 8 and keys.

Not done terrorizing the woman, the man proceeded to shatter a rear window on her car, causing an estimated $250 in damage, according to police.

The victim walked in to the 78th Precinct’s Sixth Avenue station house the next morning to report the attack, and police arrested the man later that day on robbery charges, cops said.

No-park Slope

An irate driver threatened to punch a man on Eighth Avenue on Dec. 20, claiming the victim had stolen his parking space.

The victim, 40, was sitting in his parked car between 13th and 14th streets at 2:41 pm when the suspect, shouting from his own double-parked car, yelled out that he would punch him “on his nose” if he didn’t move out of “his” parking spot, according to police

Helter shelter

A Park Slope shelter resident threatened a woman inside the Eighth Avenue refuge on Dec. 17.

The victim told police she was heading out from the shelter between 14th and 15th streets on her way to church at 10 am when the suspect leapt from a car and started babbling threats, saying she would “kick her a–” for reporting the woman to police on a prior occasion.

— Colin Mixson

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