Police: Man tries to drive car off tow truck bed and assaults driver

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook


Cops arrested a man who they say assaulted a tow truck company employee on Hicks Street on June 26.

The report claims the man attempted to drive his own car off a tow truck bed near Huntington Street at 3:40 pm, damaging the truck. When one of the towers confronted him about it, the suspect struck him in the face with a key, the report said.

Cops cuffed the guy and charged him with assault, criminal mischief, and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Double down

Some jerk stole two bikes off the fence of a Summit Street house on June 30, cops said.

The victim told cops he found his two bikes missing from the fence of his house between Hicks and Columbia around 11:30 pm.

Caught in the middle

A lout punched a woman in the face outside a Henry Street building complex on June 29, cops said.

The victim told cops she was trying to break up a fight between her son and another guy near Mill Street around 5:20 pm when she received a blow to the face, which cut her lips, the report says.

Dissapearing package

Some sneak swiped a package from a Van Brunt Street house, while the victim was away from April to June, he reported to cops on June 22.

The victim told police his brother bought him a cellphone as a gift and sent it to his house near Richards Street while he was out of town for almost three months. When he returned, the package was nowhere to be found.

Bike swiper

Some sneak swiped a bike from outside a Court Street movie theater on June 30, cops said.

The victim told cops he left his bike locked on a rack near Butler Street at 6:30 pm, and found it missing when he returned at 9:30 pm.

Tools of the trade

Cops arrested a guy in a Smith Street Pharmacy on June 30 for allegedly shoplifting and carrying a crack pipe, authorities said.

The suspect tried to swipe two bottles of detergent from the pharmacy near President Street at 12:15 am. When cops cuffed him, they found a bag of tools that they say were intended for burglary. He also had a pipe containing crack cocaine residue, cops said.

The suspect was charged with petty larceny, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of burglary tools.

— Ben Verde