Police search for suspect in attempted rape at Kingsborough Community College

Police are searching for a suspect in an attempted rape at Kingsborough Community College on Monday.

Police are hunting the fiend who groped a 17-year-old girl at Kingsborough Community College on Monday. 

The victim was inside a bathroom at the Oriental Boulevard institution at 11:30 am, when she felt the creep press up behind her and then shove her into a nearby stall, according to the NYPD’s incoming police commissioner.

“When she goes to close the stall door, she suddenly feels the presence of somebody behind her, who pushes her into a stall, attempts to lock the door behind him and tries to sexually assault her,” said Dermot Shea. 

The young woman managed to escape the perv, and fled home to her parents, who brought her to Coney Island Hospital, before filing a police report later that day, police said.

Shea said the victim may have spotted her attacker — a teen of roughly the same age —  somewhere around Kingsborough’s library just prior to the attack. 

Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D–Manhattan Beach) condemned the assault and expressed faith that an arrest will be made. 

“I have every confidence that the NYPD Special Victims Unit will ensure that this case is fully investigated and an arrest is made,” Deutsch said. “As a parent of a college student myself, I want to assure KBCC students that the campus is taking active measures to ensure their safety, and they should remain vigilant until the suspect is apprehended.”