Police: Suspect flies into rage and attacks employee over cost of sandwiches – Brooklyn Paper

Police: Suspect flies into rage and attacks employee over cost of sandwiches

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Bodega bash

Police arrested a man who they say bashed a DeKalb Avenue bodega worker on April 25 over the price of sandwiches.

The employee told cops he was in the shop by St. Felix Street at 4 am when the suspect wanted two sandwiches but became agitated with the price, and then hit the employee with an unnamed blunt instrument several times, authorities said. The blows injured his head and arm, according to cops.


Three punks hit a drunk guy over the head with a glass bottle on Hanson Place on April 27.

The victim was highly intoxicated and unable to provide information about the attack by S. Portland Avenue to authorities, a report said.


Authorities slapped handcuffs on a guy who punched an emergency room doctor at a DeKalb Avenue medical center on April 30.

The doc was conducting his duties in the hospital near Ashland Place around 12:40 am when his patient socked him in the face and neck, tackled him to the floor, and kicked him in the ribs, cops said.

Held up

Cops cuffed a teen who they say stole a guy’s dirt bike and cash by putting a gun to the victim’s chest on S. Elliott Place on April 25.

The 15-year-old suspect flashed the firearm and forcibly took the two-wheeler and $130 near Atlantic Avenue at around 1:30 pm, according to a report.

Text and ride

A fast-moving sneak on a bicycle snatched a guy’s phone from his hands as he was walking and texting on Rockwell Place on April 28.

The victim told police he was strolling near DeKalb Avenue at 3:55 pm and looking down at his iPhone 7 when the thief came up from behind him and grabbed it from his hands.

— Lauren Gill

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