Police: Suspects throw peach at woman’s face during argument over hoverboard

90th Precinct


Not so peachy

Police cuffed two men who they say attacked a woman with their fists and a peach while arguing with her over a so-called hoverboard at a Division Avenue supermarket on June 9, according to a police report.

The woman said she was shopping at the market at Wythe Avenue around 9:10 pm when all three started arguing about the suspects riding the two-wheeled toy. She said the first perp pushed and tackled her to the ground, banging up her right shoulder.

Then the second guy threw a peach at her, hitting just under her right eye — which was protected by her sunglasses — but causing a small cut and swelling, the report said.

No prize

Two grifters conned a woman into giving up her jewelry and $3,500 outside of a Graham Avenue shop on June 10, cops said.

The woman told police she was coming out of the store near Moore Street just after noon when the men came out of a van, and told her one of them had won a prize, but couldn’t pick it up because he didn’t have the right documents.

They asked the woman to give them her gold necklace and ring, money, and proof of her address in exchange for the prize, cops said. The woman agreed, got inside the van, and let them drive her to her Humboldt Street, where she gathered the items.

The lady gave the creeps the stuff, but when her daughter-in-law heard what was going on, she took a picture of the van’s New York license plate, the report said.


A man beat up his friend with a beer bottle at a S. Fourth Street wine shop on June 12, cops said.

The victim said he and the attacker got into a fight over a girl at the vino store near Borinquen Place at 6 pm.

The brute then smashed the victim in the face with the beer bottle, knocking him to the ground, and continued hitting the victim with the bottle until bystanders broke up the fight, police said.

The bruiser fled the scene on a blue bicycle, and the victim took himself to the hospital, where doctors told him his nose was broken, according to the report.

No service

A teenager hit a man in the face after the victim refused to serve him at a McKibbin Street nail salon on June 1.

The man said the disgruntled adolescent struck him with a glass bottle at the salon near Graham Avenue around 8 pm, causing his face to bleed and swell. The kid then ran toward Humboldt Street, cops said.

Bar fight

A man hit his friend in the head with a stool at a Grand Street bar on June 9, police said.

The victim told authorities he was sitting at the tavern at Union Avenue at 9:50 pm watching a game when the so-called friend struck him in the back of the head with the seat.

The jerk then ran off toward Lorimer Street, according to the report.

— Tatiana Hernandez

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