Police: Young suspects beat up and rob teen on D train

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Delinquent trio

Cops cuffed two boys and a girl for allegedly beating up and robbing another teen on a Coney Island–bound D train at the Bay 50 Street station on Jan. 17.

The victim told police he was on the train near Stillwell Avenue at 9:10 am when the trio walked up to him and one of the boys asked, “Can I see your cellphone?” When the victim refused, that suspect tried to snatch it from his hand, but the victim hid it in his underwear, according to police.

The suspect then told the other male suspect something in a different language, and the second teen allegedly grabbed the victim and slammed him on the train floor, according to police. He and the female suspect then kicked the victim’s back while the first suspect stole the victim’s wireless headphones, cash, and a e-cigarette, cops said.

The first suspect then allegedly held the bounty in front of the victim’s face, and as the train pulled into the station, the victim got up and one of the kids shoved him out, saying that if he wanted his stuff he should meet them outside school at 2 pm, and if he called the cops, they would kill him, cops said.

Car buster

A burglar robbed a parked car on Neptune Avenue on Jan. 13.

The victim told cops that when he returned to his car parked near Shell Road at 11 pm he saw that someone had broken his rear window and taken his furs, an iPad, and two pairs of luxury shoes.

Double trouble

Two bandits robbed a phone store on Cropsey Avenue on Jan. 17.

The brigands walked into the store near Hart Place at 11:15 am, stole two brand-new iPhones, and then made a run for it towards W. 15th Street, according to police.

Subway sneak thief

Police arrested a man who they say mugged another man on the D train near Surf Avenue on Jan. 20.

A police officer was patrolling the train at the station near Stillwell Avenue at 1:20 am when he saw the suspect jostling the victim.

The Boy in Blue then checked with the victim to find that someone had stolen his cellphone from his front jacket pocket, so the officer stopped the suspect on the train platform and found the phone next to the man, according to police.

— Kevin Duggan

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