Political baby animals: Kensington bar showing 15 hours of puppy and kitty videos instead of Trump inauguration

Political baby animals: Kensington bar showing 15 hours of puppy and kitty videos instead of Trump inauguration
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Call it the in-aww-guration.

Kensington’s Hinterlands Bar is helping embittered lefties boycott Trump’s swearing in as president by screening 15 solid hours of adorable videos of kittens, puppies, and other adorable animals instead of the ceremony.

“There’s two things people look at on the internet — one is all these political stories and then other is cute animals,” said Hinterlands owner Sharlene Wellington. “I prefer the cute animals.”

Bar flies can expect your standard kitten and puppy clips, along with short features of unusual animal friendships and shots of baby zoo animals beginning at 1 pm on Jan. 20 and lasting until the bar’s 4 am closing time the following day, according to Wellington.

The Church Avenue watering hole’s alternative programming is not about ignoring Trump’s presidency in general, Wellington insists — it’s just about not looking at the beginning, according to Wellington.

“We’re not doing it to bury our head in the sand, we’re just really don’t want to look at it,” she said.

Once Trump is officially the country’s 45th Commander in Chief, Wellington says she plans on working with other organizations in the neighborhood — where local Bangladeshi immigrants in particular have rallied in opposition to Trump’s policies regarding Muslim Americans — to ensure Hinterland does its part to make sure its neighbors are safe.

“We along with our community have plans to organize and make sure that our rights are protected and our friends and neighbors rights are protected,” Wellington said. “But we don’t have to watch this trainwreck as it happens!”

Drink beer and watch kittens during Trump’s inauguration at Hinterlands [739 Church Ave. between E. Seventh and E. Eighth streets in Kensington, (718) 633–0550]. Happy hour is 1–7 pm.

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In-aww-guration: Hinterlands Bar owner Sharlene Wellington will be showing, above, videos of adorable animals at her Kensington watering hole in lieu Trump’s swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20.
Photo by Caleb Caldwell