Prep treats home like coin machine

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights


Night bandits stole a fancy laptop and $600 in coins from a Third Avenue apartment on Aug. 16.

The victim told cops that she was at work between 1 and 3 am when the crooks came entered her apartment between 72nd and 73rd streets and made off with a MacBook Pro and some serious coins.

No tip?

Sneak thieves ripped off a Bay Ridge Avenue restaurant on Aug. 15.

The perps broke through the rear window of Arabesque Cafe between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 3 am and stole $1,500. It was all captured on surveillance cameras.


A thug swiped an expensive necklace while its wearer was walking on Eighth Avenue on Aug. 17.

The victim told cops she was near 67th Street at 10:20 pm when the perp came up behind her, ripped off the $3,000 gold chain and kept on running.

Rolled for roll

A violent mugger made off with $2,400 after attacking a man on 12th Avenue on Aug. 17.

The victim told cops that he was near 66th Street when the attacker punched him in the eye repeatedly, then stole his cellphone and cash-stuffed wallet.


A thug tried to mug an old lady for her bag on Ridge Boulevard on Aug. 15.

Witnesses told cops that the woman was near 89th Street when the perp came behind her and tried to grab her bag. The woman resisted and fell to the ground.

Witnesses chased the attacker down 89th Street, but he got away.

— Dan MacLeod