Opa! Psaraki brings traditional Greek meals and family recipes to Williamsburg

chefs inside psaraki
James Paloumbis will open a new Greek eatery, Psaraki, in Williamsburg this month.
Photo courtesy of Psaraki

Psaraki, a new traditional Greek restaurant, will soon offer patrons a taste of Greece while simultaneously showcasing the amazing views of the Manhattan skyline from the Williamsburg waterfront

James Paloumbis, a longtime hospitality veteran and creator of Psaraki, said he aims to deliver a personalized experience and traditional dishes inspired by his family recipes — making each visitor feel as though they were a visitor in his seaside home in Greece.

psaraki views
The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating with sweeping views of the East River and the Manhattan Skyline. Photo courtesy of Psaraki

Inspired by the calm and simplistic lifestyle of the Greek islands and the charm of seaside tavernas, Paloumbis said Psaraki is a place to escape the chaos of New York City and unwind with friends and family. 

The chef designed the interior himself, taking inspiration from traditional Greek architecture. The restaurant features wood-beam ceilings, white stucco walls, a gleaming marble bar, and massive windows overlooking the East River. 

psaraki interior
Paloumbis designed the interior himself, pulling inspiration from the Greek islands. Photo courtesy of Psaraki

Psaraki’s focal point is its open kitchen, which produces a full menu of starters, shareable appetizers, and main courses, which can be paired with their well-curated wine lists and seasonal cocktails.

Paloumbis said the menu is inspired by his own culinary philosophy — “homemade,” in short, with fresh, traditionally-prepared Greek dishes. 

mezze at Psaraki in Williamsburg
The menu includes a wide variety of mezze, including tzatziki and hummus dips. Photo courtesy of Psaraki

In the restaurant’s signature presentation, The Fisherman’s Table Experience, guests will be treated to a sampling of classic Greek dishes and island favorites such — mezze with tzatziki, spicy feta, and hummus; horiatiki with tomatoes, olives, onions, peppers, cucumbers and fresh herbs; saganaki, spanakopita, and fresh-grilled seafood including branzino and octopus. 

Other menu items include a fresh watermelon and feta salad, oysters, the eatery’s namesake Psaraki Fish Chips, lamb, moussaka, and more. 

cocktail at psaraki
Fresh, seasonal cocktails will be made with traditional Greek ingredients. Photo courtesy of Psaraki

In addition to seasonal cocktails made with ingredients like Greek thyme honey syrup and Assyrtiko wine, Paloumbis will offer a full coffee menu featuring freddo espresso and freddo cappuccino — both popular Greek coffees — as well as a tableside tea service. 

Pasarki is set to open on July 17 at 420 Kent Ave., next to Domino Park in Williamsburg.