Punk pelts 62-year-old woman in the head with basketball

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Ball assault

A punk pelted a 62-year-old woman in the head with a basketball on Fulton Street on Aug. 4 and took off running, cops said.

The victim told police she was walking towards Jay Street at 9:20 pm when a tough guy came up from behind her at Pearl Street and chucked a basketball at her head. Then the guy ran right past her heading towards Jay Street, cops said.

Big break

Someone stole a duffle bag with $23,500 in it from a man who was refilling electronic bank machines on Third Avenue on Aug. 8, police said.

The 25-year-old money replenisher told police he parked his car in a parking lot on the corner of Third Avenue and Pacific Street at 1:57 pm, and left a bag full of cash on the front passenger-side seat.

He returned to the car five minutes later and found the front passenger-side window smashed and the bag gone, cops said.

Car thefts

Two cars went missing from Boerum Hill this week. Here’s the rundown:

• Someone stole a Chevy Cavalier from Dean Street on Aug. 7, cops said.

The 73-year-old owner told police he parked the car between Hoyt and Bond streets at 12:30 pm, and when he returned an hour later it was gone.

• A thief took off with a woman’s vehicle parked on Wyckoff Street sometime between Aug. 8 and 9, police said.

The 65-year-old owner of a 1996 Dodge Caravan said she parked it between Bond and Nevins streets on Aug. 8 at 5:30 pm, and used a club lock on the steering wheel. She returned the next day at noon and found the seats of her minivan on the sidewalk, but the vehicle was no where to be found, according to a police report. The report also says no broken glass was at the scene.

Cycle swiped

Some swift crooks in a green van stole a man’s motorcycle from Livingston Street on Aug. 4, cops said.

The bike’s owner said he parked his 2006 Honda between Court Street and Boerum Place at 11:50 am, and when he returned it was gone. A witness saw a green van pull up next to the bike shortly after the owner parked it, and watched a man get out and load the bike into the van before driving away, according to a police report.

Grand theft Vespa

Some swiped a scooter that was parked near the corner of Front and York streets sometime between July 25 and 30, according to police.

The 46-year-old owner of the white Vespa told cops he parked the vehicle at 6 pm on July 25 and returned at 11:40 am on July 30 to find it missing.

Trouble on Brooklyn’s front lawn

People reported three thefts in Brooklyn Bridge Park this week. Here’s how they stack up:

• A crook swiped a man’s bag from a restaurant on Pier 6 in the park on Aug. 5.

The victim told cops he put the bag down in the rooftop bar area of the establishment near the corner of Joralemon Street and Atlantic Avenue at 8:30 pm, and when he went to retrieve it an hour later it was gone, cops said. The bag contained two electronic tablets, a laptop, a cellphone, some clothes, and a volleyball, according to a police report.

• The next night, someone stole a man’s backpack that he had left unattended on Pier 1, police said.

The 30-year-old victim told cops he left the bag near the corner of Old Fulton and Furman streets at 8:30 pm, and returned 15 minutes later to find it gone. The bag contained a cellphone, $20 in cash, a debit card, and some keys, cops said.

• The night after that, on Aug. 7, someone grabbed a bag from the soccer fields on Pier 5, near the corner of Joralemon and Furman streets.

The 24-year-old soccer player told police he put the bag down at 7:45 pm to play a game, and when he returned at 8:15, the bag was gone. The bag contained $25 in cash, credit and debit cards, and a cellphone, according to a police report.

The thief used cards at RadioShack and Starbucks the report says.

Book reported

A literary larcenist stole a woman’s wallet from her jacket while she sat in the Brooklyn Heights Library on Aug. 5, cops said.

The 74-year-old woman told police she was in the library on Cadman Plaza West between Tillary and Pierrepont streets at 9:45 am, and had her wallet with her while she checked out a book.

When she went to leave at 12:45 pm, the wallet was gone, she said. The wallet contained $15 in cash, a debit and credit card, and a book of stamps, police said.

Bus bilking

Someone picked a wallet from a woman’s purse while she road a bus along Livingston street on Aug. 9, authorities said.

The 49-year-old victim said she was riding the bus at 5:35 pm when she felt a fellow passenger bump her near the intersection of Livingston Street and Hanover Place. The guy grabbed a debit card and $60 in cash, police said.

MetroTech phone snatch

A crook snatched a cellphone from a woman who was sitting in MetroTech Commons on Aug. 3, according to authorities.

The 24-year-old woman told police she was sending text messages on her phone while she sat outside a building on the Myrtle Promenade between Bridge and Lawrence streets at 8:45 pm, when a guy came over, grabbed her phone, and ran.

He took off through the Commons towards Johnson Street, police said. The woman said her cellphone case contained a debit and credit card.

— Matthew Perlman