Purbird ain’t no chicken little

Purbird ain’t no chicken little
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Do you feel like chicken tonight?

Antibiotic and hormone-free poultry enthusiasts are well advised to fly on over to Purbird, Park Slope’s newest addition to the consciousness raising, “slow fast food” movement.

The free-roaming chicken hut boasts a concise menu — flame-grilled chicken, chicken thigh wraps, chicken burgers, chicken sausages, and chicken pie — and made-to-order sides, salads and sauces with all-natural and organic ingredients.

“The people in this neighborhood are incredibly discerning about their food,” said owner Christina Lekkas, who, along with husband Peter, also runs the acclaimed Elia restaurant in Bay Ridge.

“It’s something I prepared myself for before we even opened,” she said. “Park Slope people want to know where the ingredients are from, how you’re cooking them, who’s cooking them. Luckily the response has been good — they’ve been pleased with my answers, and the product!”

It’s no wonder, considering Purbird has been almost 10 years in the making.

The ultimate chicken aficionado, Lekkas has long dreamt of opening a restaurant where poultry was more than an overdone, underwhelming afterthought.

“More often than not, when you order chicken, it’s dry, greasy, or a below-average bird to begin with,” said Lekkas. “For me, the idea was to create a menu where every single item is made with perfectly cooked chicken.”

Elia chef, Ivan Martinez, has helped her realize her vision, creating an elaborate brining system for the chickens, mixing white and dark meat to form the perfect burger, and whipping up a frequently changing roster of house-made sauces and condiments, like quince chutney, jalapeno/caper puree, and cherry ketchup.

“The food is simple and accessible, yet interesting and unique at the same time,” said Purbird customer Martin Doyle of St. Johns Place. “Kids and their parents can both really enjoy themselves here.”

In Park Slope, there’s no higher compliment.

Purbird [82 Sixth Ave. at St. Marks Avenue in Park Slope, (718) 857-2473].

Peter and Christina Lekkas have opened Purbird at the cursed corner of Sixth Avenue and St. Marks Place. Their chicken could give their restaurant legs.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini