Rats! City Tech cafeteria is the dirtiest in the borough

Reading, ’riting and rat infestation!

The student cafeteria at City Tech has the filthiest kitchen in Brooklyn, thanks to live rodents, “filth flies,” and workers who smoke in the food preparation area, according to the city.

The Jay Street campus received more violations than any other restaurant in the past two months — nearly four times what it takes the city to shut down an eatery.

On its website, the school boasts that its cafeteria offers “heart-healthy items,” but inspectors found no reason to award a Good Housekeeping seal of approval: Cooks allegedly serve food at hazardous temperatures, allow mice to nest in the kitchen and don’t properly sterilize equipment.

Inspectors also said they found no “hand-washing facility” in the food preparation area “or toilet room.”

The cafe has been shut down after scoring 103 violation points in its October inspection, nearly four times more points than the city needs to shutter an eatery.

Nearly all of the cafeteria’s violations were listed “critical,” although the school’s website still features photos of faculty members and students eagerly lined up to order pizza and hot dogs.

City Tech President Russell Hotzler did not respond to calls seeking comment on Friday, when the campus was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. Most students were home, safely eating leftovers.

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