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Reader says new supermarket is Aldi-riffic news

To the editor,

I was delighted to read that an Aldi food market, already open in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, will finally be coming to Brooklyn (“The shuttered Pathmark on Nostrand Avenue will soon get a tenant, sources say,” online Oct. 9).

I travel by subway for two hours from my home in Midwood to the Aldi store in Rego Park, Queens, and it is well worth the trip.

All of Aldi’s products are their own private labels that are equal to — and in many cases superior in quality to — the famous national brands, and yet are about half the price.

They keep their prices low by requiring you to bring your own bags and pack your own groceries. Their stores are also spotlessly clean, and their employees are polite and courteous.

Aldi is truly the gold standard of food stores, and will be a breath of fresh air on Nostrand Avenue.Barry Lapidus


Pen pals

To the editor,

I am deeply troubled by the letter to the editor, “Prez O-Lamo” (Sep. 28). It was obviously an attack on the Democrats, using speculative data, that should’ve been better researched.

The writer, David Podesta, a so-called historian, alludes that President Clinton’s domestic programs prevented him from responding to Somalia. The main problem here is that he never specified what programs, or the reason why we should have been concerned with this nation.

In his letter, Mr. Podesta refers to Al Gore and Col. Oliver North’s confrontation at the Iran-Contra investigation in 1987. He mentions that North advised then-Sen. Al Gore that “the most evil person in the world was Osama bin Laden.”

According to Factcheck.com, Colonel North debunked the statement above, and stated that it was false. In 1987, Bin Laden was fighting the Soviets, with U.S. support.

Also, Al Gore was not a member of the congressional panel grilling Colonel North.

As we know, the Iran-Contra scandal occurred during the Reagan administration, which tarnished his presidency. I believe Mr. Podesta is probably committed to electing Mitt Romney, with his multiple attacks on the Democrats. Personally, I’m critical of both parties, but in fairness the truth must be told.

Mr. Podesta conveniently omitted President Reagan’s embarrassment in October of 1983, regarding the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon by Hezbullah, killing 241 servicemen.

The president did not authorize a serious response to this act of terror, except for a few shellings, which boosted the prestige of Hezbullah. He then ordered the withdrawal of troops on February 7, 1984. Finally, another Republican, President George Bush, received U.S. intelligence— weeks before 9-11 — that the Osama bin Laden network might hijack American planes.

Why weren’t the issues above included in Mr. Podesta’s letter to the editor? I think we all know the answer!

Alan Braverman


Apologist prez

To the editor,

Now I can die and say I’ve heard everything.

The president of the U.S. stood at the podium at the U.N. General Assembly like a whipped dog and apologized to the people who attacked our embassy in Benghazi, and killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three staff members. They attack us, and he apologizes to them! What’s wrong with this picture?

He’s still clinging to the fairy tale that the home video made in July and posted on YouTube is somehow the reason for the recent rioting in the Arab world. When did it ever take those fanatics three months to riot over a perceived insult?

The fact is — and it is irrefutable — that this was a carefully planned al Qaeda military operation, not coincidentally carried out on the anniversary of the 9-11 attack.

Both our president and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice still spouted this ridiculous rubbish about the home movie, even after it was proven to be untrue.

Sadly, the Obama administration is operating in a parallel universe with the real world. One of these days he’ll claim the credit for bailing out General Motors, when we all know Bush did it with Troubled Asset Relief Program money.

There is no way that President Obama can defend his record, which is why his campaign continues to distract the voters with meaningless sidebars and smokescreens.

He has finally surpassed Jimmy Carter in incompetence. At least Carter can now die happy, knowing he wasn’t the worst president ever.David F. Podesta

Marine Park

Ranz’s ‘rant’

To the editor,

Henry Ranz — (“Hey Shavana, get one thing straight,” Letters, Oct. 4) — should get one thing straight.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not a “schnorer” because Egypt gets as much as Israel from the U.S. Israel also gives the U.S. tons of intelligence that benefits Americans.

What does Egypt give the U.S.? The Muslim Brotherhood!

Ranz says in his letter that “if there would be no U.S. Israel would be extinct.”

What? Israel survived all of its enemies. G-d protects Israel, and he’ll take care of Henry Ranz.The Lifshitzes


Ps & Qs

To the editor,

It has been over three months but, being an educator, I felt compelled to write regarding the headline for the article, “Movie house pushing for liquor licence” (Aug. 30), and the photo caption in the article “Pleasure Suit” (Oct. 4).

I nearly choked on my pita with orzo salad when I saw your spelling of the word “licence.”

This variation is commonly used throughout the U.K. The appropriate American spelling and usage is “license.” Interestingly enough, you utilized “license” correctly in another article in the Aug. 30 edition, and within the Oct. 4 article.

Please don’t be offended. I love reading your newspaper, but we must always be mindful of correct and appropriate word usage.Anita Cumare


Partisan Frank

To the editor,

I believe that Frank Seddio, having been a former judge, diminishes the dignity of the court by becoming engaged, once again, in partisan politics (“Brooklyn’s new Democratic boss is Frank Seddio,” online Sept. 20).

State Supreme Court justices are elected and not appointed, unlike the state Court of Appeals jugdes, who are appointed by the governor and not subject to confirmation by the State Senate. As a result, they are more inclined to cater to special interest groups, since the candidate with the most money generally has the best chance of winning.

I believe that state Supreme Court judges, like the state Court of Appeals, would be more independent and would not worry about campaign contributions, whether good or bad.

Frank Seddio, at this stage of his life, should be above partisan p[olitics.

Elliott Abosh

Brighton Beach

Going our way

To the editor,

The New York City Transit Museum’s antique bus display was part of the recent Atlantic Antic festival, and it was a great trip down memory lane.

It was a time when bus drivers had to make change and drive, at the same time. No one dared bring any food on the bus or leave any litter behind. In the mid 1960’s, air-conditioned buses were just becoming a more common part of the fleet. You had to pay separate fares to ride either the bus or subway. There was no MetroCards affording free transfers between bus and subway, along with discounted weekly or monthly fares. Employee transit checks to help cover the costs didn’t exist.

Fast forward to today, and you can see how MTA public transportation is still one of the best bargains in town.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, N.Y.

Signs of time

To the editor,

Am I the only one who has noticed that many of Brooklyn’s street signs have faded, and are difficult to read?

Goodness, the street designation on too many of the street signs have faded into oblivion.

Additionally, today’s street signs with white print on a green background are not as easy to read as were the old-time signs with white print on a black background. The contrast was greater, and easier to read. Joan Applepie

Mill Basin

No class act

To the editor,

I have been retired now for over 11 years, following a 33-year stint in the city school system.

While I was teaching, there was supposed to be an expedited grievance procedure regarding class sizes. What happened to that? We still have the same problems regarding class sizes in this city.

Why? Why aren’t excessed teachers brought back to the classroom to lower class size? If teachers were paid additional money for each child in their class over the class-size limit, you would see how fast the issue would be resolved.

Unity Caucus, the leading arm of the union for over 45 years, talks a good line, but nothing is done. Where are the 4 pm demonstrations of yesteryear? Unity will tell you that this is the best they can do. Really?

In the old days, these problems weren’t settled until Oct. 31 or so. By then, it was too late. Children were in large classes and the behavior problems had well established themselves.

If the Unity officials, Leadership Academy principals, and the Department of Education honchos were made to teach in the schools, this problem would quickly be resolved.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

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