Readers: Biker to blame in Park Slope crash

A box truck collided with a cyclist in Park Slope Tuesday morning, leaving the biker unconscious.

Surveillance footage shows the Citi Bike rider heading north along Fifth Avenue at shortly after 7:40 a.m., when a southbound delivery vehicle strikes him as he attempts to turn left onto Warren Street.

The biker was directly behind another northbound truck when he attempted the ill-fated turn. That vehicle appears to have obscured the biker from the truck — and vice versa, footage shows.

Following the collision, a woman can be seen attempting to communicate with the cyclist, who is either unconscious, or incapable of rising to his feet, surveillance footage provided courtesy of Fifth Avenue eatery Miriam and Milan Optique shows.

Paramedics transported the unconscious man to Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, according to a spokesman for the Fire Department, who could not provide any additional information regarding the cyclist’s condition.

A spokesman for the Police Department said medics transported the cyclist with only minor injuries, and that the accident is being investigated by the 78th Precinct.Readers blamed the bicyclist online:

I say get rid of the bike lanes. Seems like every entitled snob in nyc has a vendetta against cars & trucks. Let me ask you this, how will you be able to get all of your everyday items & whatnot without them?Somebody from Somewhere

I say you’re an idiot. Bike lanes aren’t going away, in fact more and more will come. You and everyone else needs to adjust to a changing environment. If you cannot adapt, leave! That’s what our racist idiot president says.

Local from Here

How is this the truck drivers fault? The guy on the bike made a left turn without checking to see if there was oncoming traffic.

Me from Flatbush

It’s clear as day it was the bicyclists fault. He did not bother to look before turning. If you want to share the streets with motorist who pay insurance then you must follow the same rules. Yield to crossing traffic. Yield when changing lanes. Speed positioning. Lane positioning. Intersection positioning and follow all street signs, signals and markings.

Long time resident from Park slope


Ben from Brooklyn

I ride my bike daily and support more bike lanes and fewer cars in our streets. But this is the bicyclist fault 100%, how can you make a left without even looking??? Even the blue car could have crushed him!!!

Fer from Fort Greene

Take your rules and shove them. I’m saving the earth and can do whatever I please. All you people walking better stay out of my way or I’ll run you over and leave you with astronomical medical bills.

Cyclist from Here

Typical city practice. First you introduce bicycles to city streets in huge numbers without preparing motorists to coexist with them. Defensive driving course offers virtually no instructions how to deal with bicyclists. Some close minded people continuously blaming the bicyclists for any and all incidents but you wouldn’t blame a child for running into the street between cars because you expect a motorists to look for things like that while riding through very populated areas. Same goes for bicyclists. Many bicyclists don’t own drivers licenses so they were never prepared to share the road with cars. The city must wake up because if they don’t do something about educating bicyclists, you could be assured that many more victims will follow.

Bob from Gerritsen Beach

Warren St begins at 5th Ave, and runs west towards 4th Ave and in the direction of Manhattan. So the cyclist is the one who made the left turn, across 5th Ave, in front of the southbound (SB) truck. There was no mention of a traffic control device (stop sign, traffic light, etc.) controlling this intersection, so the cyclist is the one who failed to yield. It was not clear, from the article, exactly WHO made the left turn, so I had to resort to Google Maps. We should not automatically assume that the motorist is Always to blame.

Wilbur D. Horse from


We bicycle riders have to remember that we are invisible. We weigh 200lbs to 300 lbs with our bikes, a truck like that weighs 5+ tons. It didn’t look like there was anything the truck could have done to avoid the bicyclist. When you’re riding a bike you have to be extra careful not to become visible at the wrong moment.Michael from Park Slope

“Bike lane”? That’s a stretch where motorists and cyclists are supposed to “share”. Here everyone is probably at fault: a cyclist needs to know s/he is seen before attempting a turn across an avenue, and drivers also need to keep their eyes open.

Janet from Park Slope

It sounds as if this biker, like so many, caused the accident. I agree woth Sage that it’s well nigh time bikers are required to pass written and road tests to earn a license, that they have to pay for and have to carry insurance. Drivers are the victims of biker arrogance and ignorance. Regulate biking at the DMV or create a DBV to control bikers.

Wally from Fort Greene

Keep out of the sun!

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The New York Waltz

It is true New York has many flaws

but we should take time to pause

and dance to the New York Waltz.

While there have been many plots,

New York has never ceased to be a melting pot.

So we need to dance to the New York Waltz.

While some people are overstressed, and not everyone can be blessed, we should dance to the New York Waltz.

From 1777 with its first Founding Father, and first governor of New York State, George Clinton to the present.

All may not be heaven, while there are many elements that are not so fine, and not everything is divine, we are still better off to dance to the New York Waltz.

While the State Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees aren’t extremely diligent, which is truly a pity, we are best to dance to the New York Waltz.

To go to California or Oregon now, there may be more earthquakes and how!

We are still better off to dance to the New York Waltz.

While it may never be its fate, for New York City and New York State to become the safety capitols of the world, we should still dance to the New York Waltz.

With all its corruption, not to mention disruption, we should dance to the New York Waltz.

With all its faults, we are still better off, to dance to the New York Waltz

Poem by Elliot Abosh

Brighton Beach

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