Ridgites show they give a ‘rat’s ass’ about gay marriage

Ridgites show they give a ‘rat’s ass’ about gay marriage
Photo by Tom Callan

Dozens of gay marriage supporters rallied on Monday at the Bay Ridge office of state Sen. Marty Golden, slamming the Republican lawmaker for dismissively saying that Brooklynites “don’t give a rat’s ass” about the issue yet then introducing a bill last month indicating just the opposite.

The “rat’s ass” comment was frequently referenced during the early evening rally on Fifth Avenue, with more than 100 protesters, some toting signs featuring rodent derrieres, complaining of Golden’s apparent hypocrisy.

“I’m disappointed in Marty,” said Allison Robicelli, the local cupcake legend who also brought her son to the event. “When I see somebody that I voted for do such a despicable action, I feel personally violated.”

The “violation” stems from Golden believing that his constituents don’t care about marriage rights yet at the same time caring so much about the issue to propose his own “Defense of Marriage” bill.

“It is rather ironic,” said Matt McMorrow, co-president of the Lambda Independent Democrats who helped organize the rally. “If nobody cares, then why lift a finger to discriminate against an entire class of people? If the people don’t really vote on those issues, then why bother?”

A handful of local politicians joined in the fray. Councilman Brad Lander (D–Park Slope) was the only elected public official on hand, a rare bit of “in your face” politicking. Rising Democratic Party official Lincoln Restler was also on hand, saying that he was appalled that Golden would effectively make married gay New Yorkers unmarried again.

Cupcake queen Allison Robicelli and her son Atticus took a stand for gay marriage.
Photo by Tom Callan

“Marty Golden must have Southern Brooklyn confused with the Deep South,” Restler said. “It’s breathtaking that he would have the chutzpah to foster such mean-spirited, hateful and bigoted legislation as he did last month.”

Even after the protest right outside his door, Golden didn’t budge.

“Sen. Golden has a long-standing principled position on the issue and remains opposed to the legalization of gay marriage in New York state,” said spokesman John Quaglione.

Activists said they intend to highlight Golden’s position during his 2012 re-election campaign.

“We cannot tolerate such an elected official in Brooklyn today,” Restler said. “We must give him the fight of his life next year.”

Bay Ridge activist Liam Alexander shows what he thinks about Sen. Golden’s position on gay marriage.
Photo by Tom Callan