Roadwork speeds up traffic in Marine Park

Roadwork speeds up traffic in Marine Park
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Construction on the Belt Parkway is turning Marine Park into a speedway, say angry residents.

The roadwork is causing cars to use nearby residential streets as an alternative route — and locals say that because Marine Park has virtually no visible police presence, hot-rodders are speeding though their neighborhood. One resident thinks that only stepped-up police patrols will slow down dangerous drivers who disregard the posted speed limit.

“All the signs in the world are meaningless if people ignore them,” said Robert Lobenstein, who lives in Marine Park. “Maybe people would get the message — slow down.”

The Department of Transportation is repairing the lighting system on the Belt Parkway, which has been dark since Hurricane Sandy. The department is also reconstructing the Gerritsen Inlet Bridge, which will not be completed until 2017.

Lobenstein said until the work is complete, the city needs to increase police patrols on nearby side streets, which have become increasingly dangerous.

“I’ve seen some spectacular accidents,” he said.

Another local said a police presence would make a big difference.

“I think always an actual physical presence — once in a while — is preferable,” said Howard Leibowitz. “If I look out my front window now, I’m going to see people zooming by at 50 miles per hour — trucks, cars, what have you.”

The 63rd Precinct did not respond to multiple requests for comment about whether it plans to increase its patrols the neighborhood.

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