Robbers storm man’s home, steal cash

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Unwelcome visitors

Two crooks ransacked a man’s home on Avenue W on Sept. 9 and fled with $1800.

The perps knocked on the door of the home on W. 11th Street around 12:30 pm. The victim opened the door and the men entered, quickly covering the victim’s mouth while demanding money. The victim pointed to a duffle bag on his living room table where the criminals found and took $1,800. The degenerates then took the victim to his bedroom, where he stayed for an hour while they ransacked the rest of the house before fleeing on foot. The victim suffered bruises on his arm, according to cops, who were reviewing surveillance cameras in the area.

Knife attack

A pair of miscreants attacked a man and one slashed the victim with a knife multiple times on the arm and head on Brighton Seventh Street on Sept. 4.

The assault occurred just before 1 pm between Brighton Beach and Ocean View avenues. The perps fled on foot towards Ocean View Avenue following the attack, and police are reviewing footage from area surveillance cameras.

Backseat driver

Police arrested a man who stole $70 from a taxi driver before assaulting him on Avenue W on Sept. 9.

The assault occurred around 2:20 pm near Stilwell Avenue, where the man arrived home after the driver initially picked him up on Shore Parkway at Bay 37th Street. The man tried to pay his fare with a $100 bill, and when the driver did not accept it, he stole $70 cash from the driver’s center console and hit him in the right side of the face with a closed fist. Police tracked down the man at his home via the phone number he had used to reserve the cab, but they did not find the cash the driver said he stole.

Rude awakening

A punk broke the front window of a car parked on Brighton Sixth Street on Sept. 4 and then drove it down the street before realizing he had a sleeping passenger in the backseat and fleeing on foot.

The thug got in the car parked between Brighton Beach Ave. and Bridgewater Circle around 6 am and started it by pushing the ignition button. He drove it about five car lengths before he realized that the owner, sleeping in the back seat, had awakened. Police said they were reviewing footage from surveillance cameras in the area.

— Julianne McShane

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