Room and ’boards: Free indoor skate park opens in Bushwick

Ride the rails: Brooklyn skater Beatrice Domond shows off a “crookedgrind shoveit” skate move at Vans Skate Park 198.
Photo courtesy of Vans

They’re keeping the wheels in motion!

Brooklyn’s skateboarders have a new spot where they can grind, ollie, and catch some air without being chased off by the Man. Vans Skate Park 198, an indoor skating arena park located in a former Bushwick warehouse, is now offering its ramps, rails, and half-pipes to up to 50 skaters at a time. The space, built by clothing and skating brand Vans, has already built up excitement among the borough’s skateboarding community, who need a warm winter spot to gleam their cubes, said one local thrasher. 

“It’s really great because during the winter, it’s surprising there aren’t a lot of indoor parks,” said Beatrice Domond. “Everyone is really stoked on this, it really needed to be done.” 

The park may also feature music or cultural events, but it is primarily a space to skate, said a rep for Vans. 

“We built this with the intention of being skateboarding first and skate park first,” said Justin Villano. “But as we continue to grow, we really want to do as best a job as we can to keep our ear to the ground and listen to what the community wants, and then we will tailor the programming around that.”

The indoor course incorporates nods to some of New York City’s iconic skate parks, including a replica of Brooklyn Banks, a skate park that sits under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

The new skate park will operate as a public skating space, encouraging skateboarders of any ability level to stop by and glide along its concrete surfaces. But in order to prevent heavy crowds from cramping each other’s skate style, skaters must reserve a spot ahead of time for one of the park’s multiple daily sessions. 

For now, public skate sessions are available Thursday through Sundays, with the noon to 2 pm slot on weekends reserved for young shredders, ages 6–12.

Vans Skate Park 198 (198 Randolph St. between Gardner and Stewart avenues in Bushwick, www.vans.com/space198). Thu–Fri at 2 pm, 4:30 pm, and 7 pm; Sat–Sun noon, 2:30 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm. Free. 

Van’s new indoor skate park in Bushwick features ramps, rails, and half-pipes. Courtesy of Vans

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