Saidah Blount takes the stage as executive director of BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!

bric celebrate brooklyn
BRIC has appointed Saidah Blount as the Executive Director of its flagship program, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!
Photo courtesy of BRIC/File photo

Ahead of its historic 46th year, the multi-disciplinary arts and media institution BRIC has appointed Saidah Blount as the Executive Director of its flagship program, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!

With Blount at the helm, BRIC will continue to further the legacy of the beloved event, bringing a wealth of experience and an expert’s eye to the curation and vision of New York City’s longest-running, free, outdoor performing arts festival.

Since 1979, BRIC has helped to curate the vast media landscape of Brooklyn by providing a platform for generations of artists, creators, students, and media professionals. BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! is just one of those endeavors and over the course of its vast history, has invited Brooklynites from across the borough to rejoice in the diverse spectrum of culture and ideas that our city has to offer.

BRIC celebrate brooklyn performance
Each year, thousands of people flock to BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! to celebrate the borough’s diverse arts and culture. Photo courtesy of Ellen Qbertplaya/BRIC

“Saidah’s extensive experience and innovative vision make her the perfect fit to lead BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! into the future,” said Wes Jackson, president of BRIC. “BRIC is committed to continuing the festival’s legacy and holding onto its roots while elevating the brand into its next chapter. We are confident that under Saidah’s guidance, the festival will continue to grow as a global cultural destination in Brooklyn and beyond.”

Blount has a legendary history in producing and developing new sonic and cultural platforms for global brands, working with legendary brands such as NPR, Cornerstone/The FADER, and Sonos. While serving as the executive producer of Sonos Radio, Blount elevated and expanded the company’s reach in the music industry. Looking towards the future of BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!, Blount will likely introduce several new and exciting additions to the festival’s adoring fans.

In previous years, the Lena Horne Bandshell in Prospect Park has been host to music artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, MUNA, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, FeliciaTemple, Lil Kim, DJ StephCakes, DJ Stretch Armstrong, Kamasi Washington, Ravyn Lenae, DJ Reborn, with many more to join this year under the direction of Blount.

“As a longtime BRIC fan with a deep passion for the music industry, it’s an honor to play a role in building the next chapter for this beloved community institution,” said Blount. “BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! is an iconic heritage brand that holds a special place in the hearts of many. As we approach the festival’s 46th summer, I look forward to collaborating alongside our valued partners, elected officials, and celebrated artists to envision what the next 46 years of BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! will look like.”