Scare tactics! Coney’s haunted maze will terrify and delight

Scare tactics! Coney’s haunted maze will terrify and delight
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

The haunted trail at Luna Park is flat out amaze-ing.

This weekend, Luna Park will be overrun with demented scarecrows, zombie-farmers and creepy ghouls stalking a haunted maze that winds through an assortment of surprisingly menacing rides.

The designer of the new attraction, Timothy Haskell — who also runs a popular haunted house in Manhattan — did a good job capturing the eeriness of an abandoned amusement park, as courageous visitors will find themselves wondering what is lurking behind the spinning tea cups ride, or around the corner from a bale of hay.

The maze — part of the “Nights of Horror” at Luna Park this month — is appropriate for teenagers, and isn’t as elaborate or as intense as many popular, and more expensive, haunted houses in Manhattan.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of heart-skipping moments: one scarecrow menaces you with an ear of corn after you pass through a thick haze of smoke. Another offers up a nasty pig’s head no matter how many times you say, “No, thank you.”

One ghoul, who wouldn’t be out of place in one of Rob Zombie’s horror movie classics, lunges at you with a pair of bloody cleavers,

The finale is without a doubt the most memorable moment, but we won’t spoil it.

It takes roughly 10 minutes to wander through the maze — a relatively short spook-fest.

But that doesn’t mean the $25 admission price is too steep, as the ticket also includes access to all the rides at Luna Park — and many people discovered they were not safe from the scarecrows after exiting the maze.

Not a bad way to spend Halloween weekend.

“Nights of Horror” at Luna Park [100 Surf Avenue between W. 10th and 12th streets in Coney Island, (718) 373-5862] runs Oct. 29-31. $25. Visit www.lunaparknyc.com for info.