SEE IT: Family of ducks wanders through Park Slope, stops by bagel shop

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Ducks on parade!
Screenshot @BrooklynSpoke
Just the seeds, no bagel.

A mother Mallard Duck trailed by eight ducklings flapped their way through the streets of Park Slope on Monday — and made time for a nosh. 

The winged family was spotted by Park Sloper Doug Gordon waddling down Fifth Avenue near Fifth Street on Monday afternoon. 

“I saw this woman in front of MS 51 taking a picture and a bunch of people laughing, looked up and there were a bunch of ducks that were emerging from under an NYPD van,” Gordon told Brooklyn Paper. 


Gordon said on Twitter the feathered family was helped across Fifth Avenue by kind-hearted Park Slopers, who stopped traffic to help them get to the other side safely. 

“They started to cross the street so a bunch of people did that thing that New Yorkers do and got involved to help them cross the street,” he said. “It was delightful.”

The confused birds then wandered into Bagel World on the corner of Fourth Street, where according to Gordon they stayed for several minutes before employees of the bagel shop were able to lure them outside with bread crumbs and point them in the direction of Prospect Park. 


A man on Fourth Street took the reins from there. 

“There was one man a couple addresses up who was like ‘I got it’ and started to walk up the street,” said Gordon. “I guess he was going to help get them closer to Prospect Park.” 

Update, 3:17 pm: The Ducks made it to Prospect Park safely, according to Gordon.