Seniors showcase their ceramics work at Scheuer House of Coney Island art exhibit

Seniors at the Scheuer House of Coney Island showed off their ceramics work at an art exhibit on July 25.

Seniors showed off their ceramics late last month at an art exhibit at the Scheuer House of Coney Island.

All of the art displayed at the Monday, July 25 showcase was created by the home’s older adult residents. The event was cheerful and full of energy as the attendees enjoyed the art exhibition over music, beverages and snacks. 

House leaders say the residents enjoy creating art in all forms — but especially enjoyed playing around with ceramics.

“The staff at the Scheuer House Older Adult Center does their best to offer fun and exciting activities for members,” said Aisha Parillon, senior director of Older Adult Centers, which oversees JASA’s Brooklyn facilities like the Scheuer House. “Our members are very art driven. We have an arts and crafts room that they not draw in, but they also have a kiln in. The director thought that it would be perfect to different events, where the clients could showcase their art.”

Seniors at the Scheuer House of Coney Island were excited to show off their ceramics work. The facility’s leaders say residents were excited to explore the arts as the pandemic forced many inside and into isolation.JASA

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the city’s senior communities have been strained, as public health advisories encouraged older adults to isolate for their own safety. Amidst the ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID-19, art has been an escape for seniors at the Scheuer House of Coney Island.

“Art is definitely a way that people, including our members at this particular center, view as a way to express themselves,” said Parillon. “Members have have said in the past that it helps calm them. Although hopefully we’re near the end of this pandemic, it’s been a stressful time for all of us. So, I think art is very important as a way for them to express themselves and to have fun.”

The Scheuer House of Coney Island, at home near the corner of Surf Avenue and West 37th Street, houses more than 230 tenants, according to JASA’s website. The 19-floor building dates back to 1973.

The artworks ran the gamut at the Scheuer House of Coney Island’s July 25 exhibition, which included music, refreshments and a ton of fun.JASA

Earlier this summer, local leaders lauded the unveiling of a new four-way stop sign and crossing outside the senior housing facility and community center. The intersection is a crucial one for local elders, Councilmember Ari Kagan said at the time.

“If there’s a bus staying there on the particular stop and you’re a senior wanting to cross Surf Avenue, you [can’t] see what’s going on behind the bus and if you’re a driver, you [can’t] see the senior,” the councilmember said. “You’re not going to slow down, if you [can’t] see anybody.”