Seven-hour Draw-A-Thon transfixes ‘Burg

Michael Alan’s plaster-covered models writhed, twisted and fluttered in a series of poses on January 23 in a Williamsburg loft teeming with sundry antique objects scavenged over two decades by the loft’s tenant.

Just another one of Michael Alan’s Draw-A-Thon Theater performances. Forty sketchers surrounded the models in several rooms where nearly every nook and cranny contained photographs, found objects made from metal and glass, bones, and rusted equipment parts from machines long since defunct.

“The best part about Draw-A-Thon Theater is change,” said Alan, who founded and organized the event. “My work is about change and how to let the process be shown. Draw-A-Thon Theater cannot be controlled or remotely estimated on what will happen. The conglomeration of performers, spaces, props, artist community, improvisation, with on site environment building and body painting and character building takes us beyond our control.”

For more information, visit www.michaelalanart.com/drawathon.

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