Seven of 25 lowest vaxxed ZIP codes in state are in Brooklyn

pop-up vaccination site
A healthcare worker administers a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine to a woman at a pop-up vaccination site in Manhattan.
REUTERS/Mike Segar

Brooklyn neighborhoods account for seven of the 25 ZIP codes statewide with the lowest rates of vaccination, state data unveiled Monday shows.

From lowest to highest, those ZIP codes include:

  • 11211 (Williamsburg) – 31.5 percent
  • 11233 (Ocean Hill and parts of Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights) – 31.8 percent
  • 11236 (Canarsie) – 32.4 percent
  • 11212 (Brownsville) – 33.4 percent
  • 11213 (Crown Heights) – 33.7 percent
  • 11219 (Borough Park) – 33.8 percent
  • 11210 (Midwood) – 34.2 percent

“To the county health departments and local governments, I say, focus your resources there,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a press briefing Monday. “That is where we have the greatest chance for advancement.”

The governor said that he would “feel comfortable” lifting all remaining pandemic restrictions, including capacity restrictions, mask requirements, and social distancing protocols, once 70 percent of New Yorkers have gotten vaccinated; the rate currently sits at 68.6 percent.

As New York City saw its first day with no COVID-19 related deaths last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio hailed the milestone and urged city-dwellers tp continue to get vaccinated. 

“I really want to emphasize this, you know, as of today, here’s the number of vaccine doses. It’s astounding. 8,408,000 doses of vaccine given in New York City. And that is New Yorkers making a decision to protect themselves, their family, their city,” Hizzoner said. “That’s also a lot of great people, health care workers, outreach workers, you know, hospital workers who have been there to vaccinate people when they’re ready. And what this means is because people made this decision, we are consistently squeezing COVID out of the city, and we’re also seeing tremendous drops in the number of hospitalizations. And thank God that means we are losing fewer and fewer people all the time. And that is what we’ve been waiting for, that we could get to this moment we can actually see COVID being behind us.”

City data shows that vaccinations in the city peaked back on April 8, when 116,510 were administered. That was two days after the state opened up vaccine eligibility to all adults over 16.

The daily number of doses administered in the city has been on the decline ever since: on Sunday, only 9,182 jabs were given. Sundays often have lower vaccination numbers; Saturday’s number was 28,141.