Shake your Boody

Shake your Boody
Photo by Steve Solomonson

They danced to their own tune.

David A. Boody Junior High School’s dance students wowed on May 29 and 30 during a recital dubbed “The Life of a Dancer.” The school’s principal said the event displayed dexterity but also showed where rhythm and acrobatics fit into a well-rounded education.

“Through dance we’re able to do a lot of learning to support the math, the English language arts, and other core subject areas,” said Dominick D’Angelo.

The recital began with a video clip about the science behind shaking it, but soon students were jumping and jiving in numbers that illustrated what it’s like to live a life full of rigorous practice, trying auditions, and big, on-stage payoffs.

The school also screened a film that digital art magnet made in collaboration with dancers called “Children Serving Children.” The film documents eigth-graders who performed for young cancer patients at Maimonides Medical Center. The students first twisted and shouted for the young convalescents during a Brighton Beach Ballet recital at Kingsborough Community College, but when they found out the kids were actually too under-the-weather to come to the show, Boody students took their act bed-side and visited kids in the hospital.

Students said they wanted to use their gift to make the world better.

Showing their stripes: Boody Junior High School sixth-graders, from left, Nicole Polovinka, Kamaria O’Sullivan, Kylee Morabito, Anastasia Hudikva, and Shanaia DeCoteau illustrate that dance is a part of nature during a recital at the school on May 30.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

“Since we all have a passion for dance, we should dance for a cause,” said eighth-grader Mariah Fuentes.

The performance and gifts had patients dancing on air.

“It was really meaningful for the pediatric oncology patients,” said Godni Amir Liteman, president of A Free Bird, which helps young people affected by cancer.

If you missed the performances this year, you can catch it again in 2015, said dance instructor Jan Ford.

“My seventh-grades are already asking ‘why cant we do this?’ ” she said.

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Think on your feet: The recital asked viewers to think differently about dance. These “butterflies” show that dance occurs all around us in nature.
Photo by Steve Solomonson