Sinister teens rob straphanger of iPhone

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights


Two gun-wielding teens robbed a woman inside the 86th Street subway station on March 5, taking her iPhone.

The victim told police that she had just exited the Bay Ridge-bound R train at 11:30 pm when the two thugs approached and put a gun to her head.

“Don’t say anything, just give us your phone,” one of the goons growled, and the victim handed over her $800 iPhone.

Ransacked ride

A crook ransacked a woman’s car on 88th Street on March 5.

The victim told police that she parked her car between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 6 pm, and returned later to find the front passenger-side window busted in, and her purse and wallet missing.

Crime ally

Two thugs robbed a man in an alley off of Sixth Avenue on March 6, taking cash and credit cards.

The victim told police that he was between Bay Ridge and Ovington avenues on his way to meet his ex-girlfriend at 8 pm when he ducked into an alley and was followed by the two crooks. The goons made off with the man’s cellphone and wallet, which contained $15 and credit cards.

Nasty beating

Three knife-wielding thugs robbed a man of his iPhone on Bay Ridge Avenue on March 11.

The victim told police that he was standing outside of his home between 10th and 11th avenues at 7:30 pm when he was hit from behind by one of the three goons. One of the attackers proceeded to hold a knife to the victim’s neck, and slashed his ear, while the other crooks beat him and then grabbed his iPhone.

Stripped, almost…

Someone stripped the tires off of a man’s 2011 Nissan Maxima parked on Dahlgren Place on March 7.

The victim told police that he left his Nissan near 90th Street at around 7 pm, and returned later to find that all the tires and rims, except for one on the front passenger side, were removed.

— Colin Mixson

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