Sneak takes off with pricey boots from Fourth Place home

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Front-step thief

A punk stole a pricey pair of boots and other items from a woman’s front steps on Fourth Place on Jan. 3 or 4.

The woman told police she left her home near Clinton and Henry streets at 3:30 pm on Jan. 3, and when she returned the next day at 7:30 am, she noticed a pair of UGG boots, three of the Red Flags card games, and a box of Fresh Step cat litter missing.

Computer heist

An intruder took off with a pricey laptop from an Atlantic Avenue home on Jan. 8.

The victim told officers she left her home near Henry and Clinton streets to take her child to school at 1:30 pm, but when she returned at 3:30 pm, her silver MacBook Pro computer was missing. Her front door had been unlocked when she left, and there was no forced entry into the home, police reported.


A nogoodnik stole a bunch of allergy medicine from a Court Street store on Jan. 8.

The thief stole three packs of Claritin off the shelves in the store near Second Place at 8 pm, and walked out right out, an employee told police.

Phone jacked

A sneak took a phone left in a car parked on Pacific Street sometime on Jan. 5.

Police say the victim parked the 2012 Toyota near Court Street at 1 am and returned at 8 pm to find the phone gone from the center console.

— Adam Lucente